In Response to Fabien Potencier: Twig & PHP Templating

… nach wie vor ein Streitthema: PHP Template Engines … ich kann beide Seiten verstehen – mich aber keiner 100% anschließen…

Eli's Ramblings

This evening I saw that the most excellent programmer, and lead of the the Symfony Framework: Fabien Potencier, had posted a new article on his blog about Templating Engines in PHP, and announcing a new templating engine: Twig

It’s a good article, and I highly recommend that you all go read it. But I took a few exceptions to some of his arguments against PHP as a templating language itself, I think he grossly undersold PHP-as-template in his enthusiasm to promote his new templating language that he created. This blog post is therefore simply a response to that. To that end, I’d like to start off with a few groundrules for my discussion:

  1. Fabien’s ideas, and blog post, are solid.
  2. Twig appears to be a great looking templating language
  3. While I prefer PHP-as-template, I understand why, and when, using a templating language makes sense

So now, what…

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